Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump



Introducing A More Effective Way to Heat and Cool Your Home

Fujitsu Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump are now available in Santa Rosa CAIf you live in Santa Rosa, Marin County, or Sonoma County, a ductless mini split heat pump could be the answer to your heating and cooling problems.  At the top of the ductless heat pump list is Fujitsu. Fujitsu offers a broad range of ductless products and the highest efficiency in the industry!

For over 35 years, Fujitsu has been working hard to make the world a more comfortable place. They’ve produced and shipped millions of air conditioning systems throughout the world to make the hottest places cool and the coolest places comfortable.

Halcyon products have been designed to provide zoned comfort for residential and commercial applications. Engineered to install quickly and easily without ductwork, Halcyon systems provide cooling and heating solutions where others cannot.

You have a lot of flexibility with Fujitsu. From the single port to multi-port to larger systems, there is a Fujitsu mini split to suit your unique needs.  Fujitsu ductless systems are reliable, ultra-functional, quiet in operation and energy-efficient.

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